Membership Organisations

This section seeks responses from Businesses, Business Groups, Membership Organisations and other Stakeholders to understand the role and capacity of representative bodies both in the UK and overseas in fostering stronger trading relationships.


Which category best describe your organisation?

Please tick all that apply.


What are the most critical bilateral trade barriers in your market?


What support do you receive to address these trade barriers and from whom?


Do the British Chambers, business networks and trade associations provide you with adequate support to trade internationally, or attract inward investment, or excel in a new market?


What areas of support do you need to improve and enhance your current bilateral trade relationship?


Do you feel you understand the UK's current international trade policy?

Please tick the relevant answer.


Do you agree with the UK's current trade policy?

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What needs to change to ensure your sector is benefitting from the UK Trade Policy?


Are you satisfied with the quality of UK government representation in the markets in which you operate?

Please use the scale to indicate your opinion, 10 indicating strongly agree and 0 strongly disagree


How inclusive and transparent is your in-post Department for Business and Trade (DBT) team?

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The Overseas British Chambers are part of the support on offer to you and your businesses.On a scale of 1-10 (10 High) how do you value

Please use the scale to indicate your opinion, 10 indicating strongly agree and 1 strongly disagree.

The services they offer?
Or are you largely unaware of the activity of the BritChams?

Do you agree that a reset is needed to transform BCC into a 21st century business support group in readiness for the silent revolutions of Digitisation, AI, Green transition/carbon emissions together with financial instability?

Whether Yes or No - please take this opportunity to expand on how you would like to see changes made.


Is there enough opportunity to network with like minded business people and to share experiences? What shape would you like this to take in an ideal world?


Is the level of investment from the government sufficient to…?

Please use the scale to indicate your opinion, 10 indicating strongly agree and 1 strongly disagree

Financially support you to reach a new market
Provide long term capacity building in your market or sector?

Who do you think should take responsibility for providing support for international trade?

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Do you believe there should be more or less direct government intervention to help further your export or inward investment ambitions? Please add any additional thoughts here about any of the issues raised.